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Home Improvement: How to Paint a Door

Depending on where your interior door is located, it can get a ton of use. Why not give your door a little boost with a fresh coat of paint or two? Before you begin, make sure you complete your painting project is in a well-ventilated area or use a fan to circulate the air.

Remove the door from the doorframe. Lay it down flat on sawhorses to minimize the paint running down the door after you apply it. Also, remove the doorknob and all other hardware. If you plan to swap it out for a complete overhaul, make sure it will match.

Clean the door with a degreasing cleaner. You can use any type of household cleaner as long as it cuts grease. Focus on the areas around the doorknob since they are prone to grease buildup. Fill any dents and holes with a sandable filler.

Use 180 or 220 grit sandpaper, and sand the door. This step will roughen up the door a bit and make the paint adhere better. Remove all the sanding dust since the paint will stick to it.

Begin painting. Use a high-quality roller on the larger parts of the door and a brush on the edges. You want to use paint with a smooth finish, and these are usually labeled "enamel" or "door and trim." Immediately wipe off any paint that slops on the sides. Plan at least two coats.

Let the door dry completely on the wet side. Once it's dry, flip it over and paint the other side.

Remount the door once fully dry. Reattach the old hardware or place the new pieces on the door.

Freshening up your door with a new coat of paint is a simple DIY project that you can complete over the weekend. Head to your local home improvement store to pick up a few supplies, and you can have a new-to-you door in no time.

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