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The Importance of Communication With Clients

Communication is a valuable skill for most people, but none more so than real estate professionals. The most important communication skills to maintain with your clients are quick responses, active listening, and absolute clarity. Responding as quickly as possible to an email, text message, or phone call will help maintain a solid rapport and long-lasting relationship with your client. One best practice to implement is responding right away even if you don't have an answer just yet. Another strategy is to set aside a specific time each day to respond to pertinent messages to ensure you're maintaining communication. When speaking with clients, make sure you're listening actively. This means closely processing what they say, repeating back what you heard, and clarifying any discrepancies. If you're talking with a client in person, consider using positive body language strategies like nodding your head and maintaining eye contact to show you're listening. Clarity is essential for real estate professionals. Ensure that your clients understand your expectations and timelines through clear, affirmative communication. Use the restatement strategy after your clients ask or answer questions to be sure all parties understand the information discussed. Don't be afraid to ask follow-up questions, and encourage your clients to do the same. Your clients will appreciate your thoroughness. Emphasize your commitment to clear, honest, and reliable communication with your clients through strategic action. Make sure you respond quickly to client queries, truly listen to their questions and concerns, and take the time to ensure everyone understands the information. Sources: Mashvisor, EAP, CampaignTrack

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