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Rent-to-Own Properties on the Rise

The demand for these types of properties has increased recently. While opting for a rent-to-own property looks good on paper, since you don't need to plunk down a huge down payment, it comes with its own risks. One major risk is that unlike the typical buying or rental process, the rent-to-own doesn't have a standard contract as the terms are completely negotiable. This is known as the lease option, and both sides must agree to certain terms.

With a rent-to-own home, you agree to rent a home for a specific time with the understanding that you gain ownership of the home. The timeframe can last from several months to several years.

Another downside is that you will probably pay higher prices than if you were to rent. But if you think about it, a portion of your monthly payment is going toward the down payment on the home. You can use the accrued money to purchase the home at the end of your agreement. The money is typically non-refundable, so if you decide not to purchase the property, you lose that money.

If the thought of a rent-to-own property gives you pause, you have other options. You might qualify for a low-down-payment mortgage of only 3% to 5% or you might consider owner financing. Reach out to a loan officer for more assistance in securing your dream home.

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